Maxi – Cash

New Creative Direction for New Target Audience

Objective: To create a marketing campaign that can better brand Maxi-Cash beyond its pawnshop service and connect with the younger audience.

Campaign: Maxi-Cash wanted to create a marketing campaign that can better introduce its full suite of services. Facing fierce competition in Singapore, Maxi-Cash needs to extend its market reach to appeal to young working adults and new target audience. Maxi-Cash has worked with Hamilton & Sherwind to create various assets to be used on both traditional and digital media.


The video content was created as fun educational videos, educating the viewers about the benefits of buying pre-owned luxury bags and watches, how to identify real gold, and introducing the steps in luxury watch servicing. We have also created a Maxi-Cash Music Video for the client to better engage its target audience.

Our team has managed the entire development process of the videos, from storyboarding, talent sourcing, recording, choreography, song composition, to video production. As a result, Maxi-Cash has garnered strong growth and they are opening new outlets even during Covid-19.

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