Zenith Facility Services

Tapping Into New Market Through Grant

Objective: To create a brand guide and marketing assets for Zenith Facility Services

Campaign: Established in 2019, Zenith Facility Services is an integrated facility management company that provides professional commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, disinfection, pest control and landscaping services. After our team members shared the Strategic Branding & Marketing Grant under EDG (Enterprise Development Grant) with the client, they decided to utilise this grant to help them to create a corporate identity that can clearly showcase the array of services.


Hamilton & Sherwind has applied for the Strategic Branding & Marketing Grant under EDG (Enterprise Development Grant) for the client. With up to 80% subsidy (2021), we managed to help Zenith to lower their investment in this rebranding exercise.

As a new brand, Zenith Facility Services has yet to establish a consistent look and feel for the brand. Hamilton & Sherwind has created a comprehensive Brand Guide for the client, addressing the company’s positioning, look & feel and tone of voice across all online and offline touchpoints.

We have created a series of creative assets including a corporate video storyboard, brochure designs and also social media posts to help the client to reach out to the right target audience. As a result, Zenith Facility Services is able to tap into various new market segments and garnered good sales results even during the pandemic situation.