As a veteran Branding Agency in Singapore, we develop and build many successful brands in Singapore and parts of Asia. Our agency provides a full spectrum of branding services from conceptualising, logo design, designing campaign visuals, layout, copywriting and managing every aspect of branding like a rare potential treasure.

  • ITE (Institute of Technical Education) brand has grown from 40% likeability to 67% likeability within 4 years. Branding efforts started from developing sound Brand Strategy to compelling messaging based on annual brand research. We also developed a 5-year strategic plan to communicate with ITE internal stakeholders.
  • LOTTE achieved successful confectionery products’ (Pepero, Choco Pie) launches when Client first came to Singapore. The objective to make it a favourite snack brand amongst the teenagers was fulfilled. Over 4 boxes of lucky draw containing thousands of lucky draw entries were received, making the branding strategy a success.
  • Junction group of shopping malls in Myanmar engaged us to develop re-branding exercises and brand guides.
  • The Clementi Mall had built up good brand identity and engagement with consumers, making it one of the busiest mall in the west. We produced more than 20 marketing materials per month to share the brand story to excite the consumers. Through engaging with consumers, one of the Client’s mall rewards programme was fully redeemed within 2 weeks.
  • Astalift, a skincare brand, which started as a sub-brand from Fujifilm. Was helped by us to establish the brand with a strong brand proposition through clever ways to build up a loyal consumer base. The number of retail stores increased from 1 to 6 during this time, marking a success in establishing the brand and building a loyal consumer following.

We are your ideal partner for providing one-stop solutions for all your branding requirements. We prioritise your branding so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Choose a better partner today with H&S.

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