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Drive Sales Leads

We offer a combo of creative process, strategic planning, and creation of relevant content to garner results. 

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Using our CRO™ Programme to improve ROI, drive down costs and increase conversions with strategic content that converts.

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Eye Balls

We help you create eye-catching content using powerful storytelling and engaging digital media, to bring your brand to life.

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We help increase and sustain your brand's fan base which indirectly helps the business growth.

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We give brands the right content, at the right time, to go viral. By taking a deliberate approach to creating contagious content that transcends the social conversation, capturing new audiences and driving sales.

As a savvy Digital and Social Content Marketing Agency in Singapore, we help clients pull to garner impactful results with disruptive innovation through creative social content marketing solutions and optimise paid advertising. 

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We help to provide highly experiential video content so you can better engage your customers. 

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We'll analyse your objectives, target audience, product features. 

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Leads Marketing

We help your business to grow more than 10 times by generating new business leads who can be your potential customers. 


We have the experience to provide complete video production services from Pre to Post Production. This includes storyboarding, talent and prop sourcing, filming, art directing, and post-editing. Find out more about our past works, especially if your brand is looking for video production services in Singapore. 

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Animation Video

AIA's first-ever kid's animated MV done within 2.5 months! Our team was involved in conceptualisation, talent sourcing, choreography, song composing and animation of the MV. We created an easy-to-learn dance steps and lyrics, highly animated characters, exciting environment and simple learning fun. As a result, the MV successfully appealed to the young kids and their parents. 

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Explainer Video

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Company Video

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Product Video

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Event Video

H&S was required to conceptualize and produce a video to educate the SAESL’s stakeholders about their “Factory of the Future”. As a result, all their stakeholders are excited and aligned with the vision to maintain SAESL's leadership status in the aerospace maintenance and upgrading industry. 

H&S had to produce a product feature video of a Sivantos microsize hearing aid that would be shared on Chinese E-commerce platforms. Our team put their best effort in finding the right angles to capture footage of the hearing aid which is tiny in size. We also had to conceptualise the storytelling to reflect how the hearing aid helps its users to lead fruitful everyday lives.

H&S was engaged to film the event by VIU TV. We have passed the event video to all the event sponsors and also advertised as post-event trailers on VIU TV. We filmed the footage into a dynamic video that captured the happy and memorable moments of the event and also showcased how the sponsors’ had successfully engaged the consumers during the event.

H&S produced many impactful B2B contents via video production to educate about PwC's technological-centric services, such as Big Data and Security.  PwC wanted a precise and engaging video to showcase its processes to potential corporate clients. The team created an infographic video that has helped to heighten PwC’s efficient management and communication with their potential clients.

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As a veteran Branding Agency in Singapore, we developed and built more than 100 successful brands in Singapore and regionally. Our agency provides a full spectrum of branding services from conceptualizing, logo design, campaign visuals, copywriting, and managing every aspect of branding like a gem. 

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We build loyalty and trust with your customers by creating a personality to help your brand stands out.

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We help you educate customers on your business/product's unique features and guide them on how best to use your product that provides them more value. 

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We strive to produce the best results from the branding efforts, ensuring it is aligned with your business and marketing goals. 

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360 Campaign 

We provide a one-stop solution by generating creative campaign ideas across all marketing mix elements with strategic campaign messaging to achieve your goals. 

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Digital Presence 

We ensure your brand will top amongst the competition and attract your customers in the digital and social media environment. 


We have experience planning and organising both large and small scale events. Our team helps Clients to plan, organise, source, secure performing acts and manage your event to ensure it operates like clockwork. The Client’s happy faces and better event performance compared to previous years are our biggest satisfaction in managing events.

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Dinner & Dance

It's not just your party, it's ours too. You'll get quality experience that your attendees will share and remember for a long time.

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Product Launch

We'll help create a mesmerizing product launch so potential customers not just remember but love in your brand.

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Media Event

An exciting event that is able to share and educate the media and your guests about your company’s new projects.


We understand the importance of optimising Clients’ media budgets and our media team will plan and negotiate the best media deals ranging from Broadcast Media and Outdoor Media to Digital Media. We prioritise your media so that you focus on other aspects of your business.

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Media Planning

We will strategize and propose creative media solutions that can best reach out to your target audience at the most optimal budget.

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Media Buy

We are an accreditated agency that can buy all mainstream above the line (TV, Outdoor, Newspaper, Radio), digital and social media.

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Our proprietary programme where we deliver state-of-the-art strategies to amplify your business by optimizing your conversion rate or desired results. We don't just create a piece of artwork or video but we focus on getting you the likes, shares, or even sales leads to help your business grow and pop amongst the competition. This is to assure that every dollar invested there is a more measurable return. Hence, achieving your business ROI. 

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From online & offline conferences, we can help you set up & manage the entire process, all you need to do is attend.

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Corporate Events

We help you to create engaging corporate events to bond with your corporate partners and be aligned with your company’s business direction.

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CSR Events

Creating emotional CSR events is one of our core strength. We can help you create a memorable Social Responsibility occasions that gets the soul melting.

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