AIA Singapore

Reaching Families With The Right Content

Objective: To create a marketing campaign that can connect to parents with young kids.

Campaign: To stand out amongst its competitors, AIA Singapore wanted to have an exclusive asset that allows their agents to better connect with young families in Singapore. The client has worked with Hamilton & Sherwind to tap on our creative thinking and create various out-of-the-box marketing approaches to make their campaign a success.


In line with the current trend of the children’s MV, Hamilton & Sherwind suggested creating easy-to-learn dance steps and lyrics, highly animated characters, exciting environments as well as simple, learning fun. As a result, the MV successfully appealed to the young kids and their parents.

To fit the client’s timeline, AIA’s first-ever kid’s Buddy Dancercise Music Video was done within 2.5 months! Our team has taken part in the entire development process of the MV, including conceptualization, talent sourcing, choreography, song composition, and animation of the MV.

In order to maximise the marketing effort, the team has also created a 360 campaign based on Buddy on various touchpoints, such as various social media content, Clear Channel Playbus shelter animated video, digital banners, and much more.

Dance, Dance, Dance with Buddy

Introduction Storybook Video

Buddy Count and Save

TV Screen And Clear Channel Play