Lee Kum Kee Singapore

Showcasing Lee Kum Kee Sauces For Auspicious CNY Dishes

Objective: In line with the Chinese New Year festive mood, Lee Kum Kee (LKK) Singapore wanted to showcase their sauces in the making of CNY dishes.

Campaign: H&S helped produce The Supreme Chef Competition for Lee Kum Kee Singapore (LKK). 1-month before Chinese New Year, the campaign started off as a social media competition, where participants took part by submitting their cooking videos on LKK’s Facebook Page.

Upon selecting the top 10 submissions, we invited the contestants to do a physical cook-off to decide the Lee Kum Kee Supreme Chef. The physical cook-off was recorded and presented as social media video content to engage with LKK’s target audiences.

H&S has planned, managed and fronted the whole campaign, from the preliminary submissions online to the video shoot, post-production and digital advertisements.

Results: Lee Kum Kee has garnered great response from their social media followers and increased product sales during the CNY period compared to the previous year. They decided to have a 2nd cooking competition in the following year due to the great response.

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