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OneService by MND Singapore


Hamilton & Sherwind, a leading Social Media Agency in Singapore, was appointed by the Municipal Services Office (MSO) under the Ministry of National Development (MND) to manage OneService‘s Social Media. OneService is a government app that serves as a convenient platform for Singapore residents to engage with their community and improve their neighbourhoods. Hamilton & Sherwind was tasked to increase engagement, grow follower count, and attract a younger demographic.

  • As part of our Social Media Strategy, we unleashed a groundbreaking multi-platform campaign, initially focusing on Meta and later expanding to TikTok. Our Social Media strategy included:
    • Entertaining Content: Our Best Social Media Post samples include a variety of humorous and light-hearted content that not only captures but also sustains the attention of our audience, making our brand relatable and appealing to younger individuals.
    • Public Education: We’ve added a public education element to our strategy. This educational material, focusing on neighbourliness, is seamlessly integrated into trending topics and viral formats, serving as an integrated strategy for effective messaging.
    • TikTok Expansion: Recognizing the platform’s potential, we expanded our Social Media campaign to TikTok, tapping into its younger user base and creating some of the Best TikTok Samples.


  • Engagement: Our Social Media Case Studies show that engagement rates soared by an astonishing monthly averaging increment of 297.1%, reaching a new pinnacle of 792,105 interactions in 6 months. We also received likes and shares from notable figures like Ho Ching and Patrick Tay, along with other high-profile pages such as Bukit Batok NPC, Jurong-Clementi Town Council, Kaki Bukit C2E Committees, and Punggol Oasis Residents’ Committee.
  • Follower Surge: Our Social Media Portfolio achieved a staggering 75.5% increase in Instagram followers, particularly resonating with the 21-29 age group while increasing 165.3% more followers on all Meta platforms.
  • TikTok Milestone: Our TikTok Video Sample shows that within just one month of expanding to TikTok, we gained 4,000 followers, 554K views, and 15K likes, making it a successful Government Social Media campaign.
  • App Promotion: Our campaign reached a staggering 10.5 million people, was clicked 208,858 times, and gained 43,930 new users.

Social Media Performance:

Average % increment every 2 Months for the first 6 months.

Average Social Media Performance - 6 months

Image Format Sample:

Single Image Post Execution for Social media

Album Format Sample:

Album Format Execution for Social Media

Google Display Sample:

Our Creative assets for Paid Media for App promotion and Contest boosting.

Google Display Ads Execution

TikTok Video Sample:

The starting point of our TikTok endeavours for OneService.

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