As a leading Video Production Company in Singapore, we delivered many impactful corporate videos, content-driven videos, promotional event videos and many more! Our Video Production services cover the entire process from Pre to Post Production; this includes storyboarding, talent and prop sourcing, filming, art directing, and post-editing.

Animated Music Video

AIA’s first-ever kid’s Buddy Dancercise MV done within 2.5 months! Our team was involved in the entire development process of the MV from concept, talent sourcing, choreography, song composing and animation of the MV.

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This MV was conceptualised to appeal to the young kids and their parents. In line with the current trend of the children’s MV, H&S had created easy to learn dance steps and lyrics, highly animated character, exciting environments as well as simple learning fun.

Corporate Video

H&S was required to conceptualise and produce a video to educate the SAESL’s stakeholder about their “Factory of the Future”.

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The aim of this video is for SAESL to prepare all their stakeholders to be excited and aligned with the vision of maintaining SAESL’s leadership status in the aerospace maintenance and upgrading industry.

Social Media Video

H&S produced this special CNY cooking video for Lee Kum Kee Singapore (LKK) with chef celebrity Cao Yong. Project was completed within 2 weeks!

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Through this video, LKK wanted to educate the public with the range of their different sauces and applications. H&S also managed for client the sharing of this video on various social media platforms.

Animated Explainer Video

H&S produced many impactful B2B content via video production to educate about PwC’s technological-centric services. Different videos that showcase the current topics (such as Big Data, Security) or step-by-step demonstration of PwC’s proprietary software.

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PwC wanted a precise and engaging video to showcase their processes to potential corporate clients. The team created an infographic video that has helped to heighten PwC’s efficient management and communication with their potential clients.

Broadcast TV Content

H&S produced an insightful TV Programme called ASEAN CONNECT on Channel NewsAsia, a Singapore regional news cable TV. We planned, filmed using multiple cameras and drone, edited and conducted exclusive interviews with VIP partners like HSBC. The project was completed within a tight timeline of 3 weeks!

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As SingEx’s sponsors were top management executives, e.g. from HSBC, the team had to ensure that the programme flow was smooth and consistent with these sponsors as well as SingEx’s corporate directions.

Product Video

H&S had to produce a product feature video of a Sivantos microsize hearing aid. This would be shared on Chinese E-commerce platforms.

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With regards to camera execution, the team had to find the right angles to capture footage of the hearing aid which is tiny in size. Moreover, we had to conceptualise the storytelling to reflect how the hearing aid helps its users to lead fruitful everyday lives, despite their hearing conditions.

Event Video

H&S was engaged to film the event by VIU TV. This event video will be passed on to all their event sponsors and also advertised as post-event trailers on VIU TV.

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Our team filmed and edited the footage into a dynamic video that captured the happy and memorable moments of the event. H&S also needed to make sure that the video showcased how the sponsors’ had successfully engaged the consumers during the event.